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The Video Foundations Course

The Video Foundations Course is a no-nonsense approach to video making. 

All lessons have been written, rewritten and edited with care. Instead of listening to a two-hour course where I say, “Uhhhh,” “Um,” and “Well” a lot, this course is packed into 40 minutes of straight-to-the-point instruction. 

The Video Foundations Course includes the key principles of video making. This isn’t a course about what camcorder to buy or what editing software to get- there is plenty of content with that angle on the web already. Instead, the course focuses on fundamentals, rules and how to break them. 

Here are the list of topics covered in this course:
Depth of Field
3-Point Lighting
Lighting Safety
The 180 Degree Rule (and how to break it)
Frame Rates
Color Correction
Good Sound
Shot Composition
Shutter Speed
The Rule of Thirds
Aspect Ratio
Vectorscopes, Histograms and Waveform Monitors
Shooting Basics
Progressive and Interlaced Scan

The appeal to knowing this information is to feel empowered by knowing what you can and can’t get away with. I remember when I first started shooting videos, I would often look at my own footage and say, “Why does that look wrong?” It’s taken me many years, but I feel comfortable now because I know these essential concepts. 

I always love sitting at a workstation- undisturbed. It’s nice to do a little bit of everything but I would be perfectly content sitting in After Effects or Photoshop all day. Here’s a still from a work in progress. I’m holding off on more of these until I get married (It’s coming up soon!) :)

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